BANANA Having owned, developed or managed over one thousand acres of bananas over the past 15 years, we can rightly lay claim to ‘having bananas in our blood’. Bananas, without doubt, are a cornerstone of our business. We currently operate two 100 acre properties on the outskirts of Mareeba. One farm is dedicated to Lady Finger production, while the other is solely focused on Cavendish. Both varieties are processed in our state of the art processing facility. We are very proud to supply Moraitis Pty Ltd with 100% of our produce, as they have a national presence and are Australia’s leading Fruit and Vegetable Supplier.Banana  Hanging bunches  Repstar Ladyfinger

CHICKENS We own one of the largest broiler operations in Mareeba, supplying Steggles with almost 3 million kilograms of chicken per year. Our facilities are world class and feature sophisticated climate control equipment to ensure our birds are comfortable.(During a North Queensland summer, our birds are often more comfortable than us!!) We are very proud to have recently achieved RSPCA accreditation – further enhancing the quality of life for our birds.

chicken images (1)  hatchery  Roast Chicken dinner

SUGARCANE Mark and Amanda both spent their childhood growing up on Cane farms in the Wet Tropics around Innisfail. Having moved to Mareeba 13 years ago, they discovered what the locals already knew…….Mareeba is one of the best places in Queensland to grow Sugar. With 300 sunny days a year and ample irrigation available, growing crops of 130t/ha with a sugar content of 14-15% , is quite achievable.

Cane Harvest  Plant cane 2013  sugar cubes

MILLETTIA PINNATA Repstar was commissioned in 2010 to develop Australia’s largest MillettiaPinnata Biofuel plantation by Greenoil Plantations of London. After land was purchased, it was laser levelled and mounded, prior to installing irrigation and planting. Approximately 1,000,000 trees were planted in the following 14 months. The parent Company was placed into receivership in April 2013, with Repstar appointed to manage the 630 ha(9 separate farms), for the Manager/Receiver, FTI Consulting. The plantations continue to grow towards producing its first crop.

biofuel 3  Millettia seeds  SONY DSC

CASHEWS Repstar has recently been appointed to manage Australia’s only commercial Cashew Plantation. Located 60 klm West of Mareeba, Cashews Australia have well over 50,000 established trees. The Cashew is a hugely popular snack, but very few people realise just how amazing this nut is. The tree is a close relative of the Mango and produces an edible ‘apple’ that has an external seed, this being the nut. There are toxins in the outer nut membrane, so each nut must be pro

cashew apple  cashew bowl