We operate one of the larger broiler farming operations in Queensland, supplying Steggles with almost 6 million kilograms of chicken per year. Our chicken farming facility is world class and feature sophisticated climate control equipment to ensure our birds are comfortable. (During a Queensland summer, our birds are often more comfortable than us!!) Our birds are our first priority and they receive proper care and attention 24 hours a day.

A typical cycle for our chicken farm is to spread new litter (sawdust, hay, and wood shavings) into our sheds to a depth at least 50mm. The shed is then preheated to ensure optimal conditions for our new arrivals. We then have up to 140,000 day old chicks delivered each day, which we carefully place on specially prepared brooding areas where warmth, food and water is freely available.

After the placement the chicks are ‘brooded’ in the warm areas for the first week or so and then they are allowed to roam freely throughout our sheds in order to find their own comfortable spot.

After about 4 1/2 weeks our pick-ups start in order to depopulate our sheds and give the remaining chickens more room to continue to grow. This process happens 3-4 times per shed until all chickens are removed. Pick-ups occur at night primarily for bird welfare.

Once all our chickens are gone, we start our clean out phase; all litter in the shed is pushed into a pile within the shed and loaded into large trucks to be taken away and used as a valuable fertilizer for horticulture and pasture. We then thoroughly wash down inside and outside of the sheds before allowing to dry.

The last stage is disinfecting and fumigating before getting ready to start the whole process again.